Winkhaus’ armorShield™ is a hardware security device located in the fabric of the door that has been designed to withstand extreme attacks. For use with euro profile cylinders, the armorShield™ complies with the latest PAS24 standards.

3 Star Solutions

Product Information

Enhanced and Extra Security

If the door handle is forcibly removed from the exterior, armorShield™ helps prevent the potential intruder from snapping the locking cylinder and gaining entry.

TS007 3★ Combination

When armorShield™ and Winkhaus XR6-51 1★ Cylinder are used together, a TS007 3★ combination is created. Both parts used in conjunction with one another result in a bump, drill, pick and snap resistant locking solution.

Concealed Fit

When fitted, the armorShield™ is completely concealed within the base plate of the handle.


Winkhaus armorShield Brochure



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