Efficient, secure and economical

The software for window manufacturers and building component dealers

Developed by window manufacturers. Promotes safety in the production process and eliminates sources of error.

- Easy and practical
- Quick to learn
- High-performance and versatile

Saves time. Safeguards processes.

The Winkhaus AV-WIN software is the practice-orientated tool for window manufacturers. With AV-WIN, windows and doors can be designed quickly and precisely in every detail, and the entire window production process can be controlled and managed efficiently. From price calculation and material requirements to invoicing and transfer to the accounting department. Comprehensive production documents and barcode labels simplify the processes in production. This multi-lingual program features a clearly laid-out design and can be easily mastered after a short familiarisation period.

Winkhaus AV-WIN


Quick access:
All offers and orders that have already been recorded remain saved.

Complete program:
Find the right fitting system for every window with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Professional appearance:
The offer as a printout or PDF file by email or fax server. With company logo as well

Always up to date:
Display production information on screens directly at the workstations.

Reference LARU windows

Four modules – the perfect solution for every window manufacturer

Developed by window manufacturers, AV-WIN precisely fulfils the requirements window production companies and building component dealers have to meet every day. Choose from four modules with functions that build on each other and choose the one that benefits you most at the time you need it. AV-WIN always adapts to increasing demands.


Design windows, manage projects. Fast and secure.


Easy to get started. Manufacturers and dealers of building components are offered a licence of their own.

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Design windows and doors graphically. Convenient and individual. Reliable and fast.

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Additional items are easy to integrate – such as one-off or recurring sales items.

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Help prevent errors in design with an automatic plausibility check.

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Quotations, orders, delivery notes and invoices can be created easily from the system.

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Special functions, also for building element dealers

Convenient configuration with comprehensive data pool


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Master data is now extremely easy to record, manage and use.

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Perform complex calculations conveniently and reliably – the foundation for success!

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Designs of elements are saved in their own catalogue – accessible whenever you need them

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UW value calculations according to DIN EN 10077-1 is carried out by the software.

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Save even more time with direct access to Winkhaus fitting data.

Efficient and completely safe in production.


Supports window manufacturers – individual master data recording – intuitive operation

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Generate concrete production documents from the system: business orders, cutting lists, glazing lists etc.

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All material orders for fittings, accessories, etc. – just print them out or send them by e-mail!

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Print labels for each profile rod or frame and sash.

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Order glass quickly and easily with the easy-to-use interface to "glas online".

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Quickly and reliably integrated into production – with the XML-based interface to MaWi and PPS

Perfect production
Control machines directly, increase efficiency.


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Define and approve production batches, optimise cut

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Automate measures accompanying production: Print labels, manage compartments and vehicles.

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Control production machines: Cut, bar processing, welding, cleaning, fittings assembly on screwing machines, glass bonding

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Winkhaus info portal: Displays workplace-specific information on the screen – work orders, sash assembly or glazing

The AV-WIN service

Individual and fast. For your success.

Winkhaus creates the integrated fitting database individually based on the customer profile – for optimal working efficiency. The Winkhaus AV-WIN Service Hotline assists window manufacturers in case of technical questions or difficulties. A trained field service team will walk you through the process of introducing the software on site at your company if needed. Simple program updating via internet with online updates. The Winkhaus AV-WIN software maintenance contract ensures the continuous updating and further development of the software.

Winkhaus AV-WIN has interfaces to support configurators for entrance door panels from Rodenberg, Obuk, dpi and Adeco.

Winkhaus AV-WIN – the window construction software


AV-WIN Funktionsübersicht


AV-WIN Systemanforderungen



Remote maintenance module for customer support via internet.

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