Intelligent window and door technology

For decades, Winkhaus technologies have cleared the way for contemporary architectural design. They set standards because they provide the right answers to current challenges. And they combine intelligent function with appealing design. As a result, trend-setting construction has been possible with our solutions for many years.

Insight into our product development

aluPilot With up to 10 minutes less mounting time, the efficient fitting system makes for a quantum leap in the production of aluminium windows.

blueCompact: The electronic locking system with the app revolutionises the locking system market. The first smart solution for modern residential houses and small buildings!

autoLock AV3 and blueMatic EAV3 In response to many customer requests, Winkhaus launched the innovative automatic door locking systems with the unique dual hook, the keyless instant locking system, the daytime latch for one-handed operation and many other convenient features.

blueCompact App
Winkhaus activPilot

activPilot Comfort PADM: The motorised version of the “opelosing” fitting enters the market. It is recommended for user-independent ventilation (in accordance with DIN 1946-6) and is also suitable for barrier-free windows.

activPilot Comfort PADK: Market launch of the first window fitting that can “opelose”. The parallel action position as an additional opening mode enables efficient natural air exchange and also provides burglary protection (up to RC2).
blueSmart: Winkhaus heralds the arrival of its new generation of electronic access management with blueSmart.

activPilot: Winkhaus sets a new standard with activPilot. It combines design, quality and flexibility while simultaneously reducing the number of fittings.

blueChip: Winkhaus introduces the first electronic locking system to the market:

Introduction of autoPilot: Winkhaus offers window manufacturers the first window fitting system that can be assembled fully automatically.

Hook innovation: The hooks developed by Winkhaus set new standards in door security for the entire market.

Winkhaus Pilot: Development of an entirely new turn-tilt fitting system! The design of Winkhaus Pilot combines the findings gathered over 20 years of experience with fittings.

Alter Schwenkriegel Winkhaus
Winkhaus VS-Patent

VS locking system: With the VS locking system (variable and secure), Winkhaus introduces an entirely new locking cylinder generation to the market. Even unusually large locking systems can be realised as a result.

TOK cylinder: The first Winkhaus profile cylinder is introduced to the market under the name "TOK cylinder".

The first tilt-turn fitting for the 100 year anniversary: With the centrally controlled fitting no. 121, Winkhaus is presenting the company's first turn-tilt fitting and celebrates its 100 year anniversary with over 800 employees.

Window and door hinges: Winkhaus assumes the production of window and door hinges.

Padlock production: The most important supplier exits the market and August Winkhaus decides to assume the production of padlocks.

altes Winkhaus Fensterband