blueMatic EAV4 and EAV4+

The autoLock AV4 can be upgraded to a motorised door locking system using a blueMatic EAV4 motor or blueMatic EAV4+ motor; perfect for those who want to enjoy more comfort features in addition to the all the benefits the mechanical locking system provides.

When using the motorised door locking system, the locked door can be opened from the inside as usual using the door handle or cylinder and unlocked from the outside using all potential-free access control systems.

blueMatic EAV4

The blueMatic EAV4 is a 24Vdc motor that can upgrade autoLock AV4 to a motorised door locking system.

The locking system using the blueMatic EAV4 motor can be operated using access control systems such as fingerprint, keypad even face recognition and other SMART access solutions.

blueMatic EAV4+ and Winkhaus doorControl Application

The blueMatic EAV4+ is a 24Vdc motor with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (LAN) that is used on the autoLock AV4 to upgrade it to a SMART locking system. The lock is operated using the Winkhaus doorControl smartphone application.

Other access control systems and SMART access control systems are compatible for use with the blueMatic EAV4+ motor.

The Winkhaus doorControl application is a smartphone and tablet application that allows control, notification and privacy options for your autoLock AV4 and EAV4+ motor through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (LAN) connection.


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