keyTec ZRV6

One locking system – two locking codes

keyTec ZRV6 by Winkhaus is a system with increased security capacities due to its extra locking row on the keys. There are two distinct key insert positions in the cylinder core that can provide an added level of security. The keyTec ZRV6 has been designed to provide security for medium to large buildings.

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Product Information

A system with planned security
With 6 locking pins and 10 radial pins, keyTec ZRV6 is the perfect system for protecting large and complex buildings. The additional locking row provides better protection against copying attempts.

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High protection
The system offers high protection against manipulation due to the hardened stainless steel and anti-picking pins.

Additional Benefits

keyTec ZRV6

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Paracentric profile for increased unlocking security

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Increased wear resistance with nickel silver material

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Ergonomic key design

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Range of variants available to suit your requirements

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