autoLock AV3 Heritage Plus

Winkhaus autoLock AV3 Heritage Plus is a modern multi-point locking system with a heritage cylinder position, similar to a traditional eye-level cylinder pull, providing an enhanced visual value.

The autoLock AV3 Heritage Plus automatically locks when the door is closed, without the need for you to lock it with a key.

The locking system features a practical daytime latch that can be activated for times when flexible entry from the outside is required without the use of a key.

Product information

The central AV3 gearbox
Whilst key operable from the higher heritage position, the centrally positioned gearbox houses the latch and trigger providing superior compression, weather resistance and operation. The central gearbox allows the use of Winkhaus’ FAB integrated lever slave lock for double entrance doors.

Daytime Latch

The new daytime latch
The innovative daytime latch allows you to open the door from the outside without a key. Winkhaus is the only manufacturer of automatic multi-point locking systems to offer with the combination of Duo Hook and single-handed operation. Single hand actuation for flexible entry, useful when instant access is needed over a short period of time.

The central magnetic trigger
The magnet, located in the central position, activates the trigger once the door is fully closed and therefore reducing the risk of damage to the door frame.

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The dual hook
The AV3 Heritage Plus retains the solid hook which throws automatically when the door is closed, ensuring complete engagement and secured from being pushed back. This means that the door is securely locked when pulled closed, rending break-ins difficult. Combined with the weather seal hook, the door sash is held firmly in its position providing protection against weather influences.

Further benefits

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Made in Germany – precision engineering

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Manufactured using high quality materials

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Available in a wide range of variants

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Proven long term reliability

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Very high corrosion resistance

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All Winkhaus door locking systems are thoroughly tested to the latest standards


Winkhaus AV3 Heritage Plus Brochure



AV3 Day Latch Flyer



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