blueMatic AV3-E Heritage Plus

The blueMatic AV3-E Heritage Plus is a locking system that is mechanically capable of locking the door, but can also unlock them with a motorised opening function. The AV3-E Heritage Plus has a heritage cylinder position, similar to a traditional eye-level cylinder pull, providing an enhanced visual value and differentiating it from the AV3-E automatic locking system.

Product Information

Added visual value
The AV3-E Heritage Plus operates in the exact same way as the AV3-E automatic locking system but features the cylinder at a heritage position making it visually different.

Daumen hoch

Dependable convenience
The high-performance motor allows the automatic locking system to open via an individual access control system. Both hooks, the sealing elements and the latch are retracted in the process. In case of power outages, the lock can also function using a key.

Easy retrofitting
The motor of the AV3-E Heritage Plus locking system can be retrofitted into an existing autoLock AV3 Heritage Plus locking system by modular design.

Daytime Latch

Unique daytime latch
The unique and convenient daytime latch temporarily releases the lock and allows you to open the door from the outside without a key. What’s more, Winkhaus are the only manufacturer of automatic multi-point locking systems to offer this function.

Further benefits

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Made in Germany – precision engineering

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Manufactured using high quality materials

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Available in a wide range of variants

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Proven long term reliability

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Very high corrosion resistance

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All Winkhaus door locking systems are thoroughly tested to the latest standards


Winkhaus AV3 Heritage Plus Brochure



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