XR6-51 Cylinder

Winkhaus’ XR6-51 is a high security profile cylinder that holds the British Standard Kitemark. The XR6-51 is suitable for fire/smoke resistant doors and has been tested to 100,000 cycles, proving its durability.

Product Information

Anti-Bump and Anti-Pick
The special shaped Torpedo™ tumbler pins enhance resistance to bumping and picking.

Increased drill resistance due to the hardened steel rods in the body of the cylinder and core as well as the steel tumbler pins.

Resists core extraction
Hardened steel tumbler pin resists core extraction and improves drill resistance.

Further benefits

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Made in Germany – precision engineering

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Manufactured using high quality materials

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Available in a wide range of variants

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Proven long term reliability

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Very high corrosion resistance

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All Winkhaus door locking systems are thoroughly tested to the latest standards


Winkhaus XR6-51 Eurocylinder 2023-A Brochure

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