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From the very beginning, Winkhaus have always thrived when it comes to designing and manufacturing innovative security solutions to meet the challenges the rapidly evolving security standards brings as well as maintaining the ease of use for all consumers in every product.

For this exact reason, in 2008, Winkhaus introduced the autoLock AV2 multi-point locking system to the market. An automatic locking system that operates as soon as the door is closed, eliminating the need to lift a handle lever to engage the hook locking mechanism.

The autoLock AV2 is approved by the Police ‘Secured by Design’ security initiative and is suitable for composite, timber, aluminium as well as some PVCu systems.

Product Information

Solid anti-push back hooks
The autoLock AV2 features two solid hooks which throw automatically when the door is closed, ensuring complete claw engagement and security against the lock being pushed back. As the door locks automatically, a security risk is eliminated for users that may find it challenging to lift a lever.


Heavy duty steel keeps
Heavy duty keeps manufactured using high grade steel, plated to comply with Grade 4 corrosion resistance BS EN1670.

Latch and deadbolt
Precision engineered alloy sprung latch and nickel plated steel deadbolt provides the autoLock AV2 with maximum strength in the centre of the door. With an added option of an independent central deadbolt with key or thumbturn activation available to suit residential or communal entrance doors.

Winkhaus Zahnräder

Lifetime adaptability
autoLock AV2 is a part of the ‘Winkhaus Family of Locks’ with exactly the same routing details as the Winkhaus Cobra, Trulock, Thunderbolt™ and autoLock AV3 locking mechanisms allowing the locks to be interchanged for user requirements or building use.

AV2 & FireFrame®

FD30 Composite Fire Doorset Solutions

Winkhaus Composite Fire Doorset Solutions can use the autoLock AV2 multi-point locking system with FireFrame®, a specialist, low maintenance, fully finished and fire resistant frame system.

Further benefits

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Made in Germany – precision engineering

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Manufactured using high quality materials

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Available in a wide range of variants

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Proven long term reliability

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Very high corrosion resistance

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All Winkhaus door locking systems are thoroughly tested to the latest standards


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