Bespoke Solutions

Whatever your challenge

At Winkhaus we thrive on a challenge and although customers have a huge range of options within our product ranges, innovation often requires a new or bespoke approach. Our teams can deliver bespoke solutions that resolve your technical challenges.

Bespoke Solutions

Consultative Approach
Understanding your challenge is the starting point for most developments. If you are seeking advice on what testing is required to widen a product’s accreditation or have a technical development that requires a new bespoke development, we are here to help.

Winkhaus Idee

Bespoke Design
Our team of designers use cutting edge design software to tailor concepts and iterate designs to resolve your technical challenges.

3D Print
In house 3D printer that allows us to fast track digital designs into actual components allowing fit and initial proving of the concepts.

Winkhaus Zahnräder

Technical Development Days
In conjunction with our wider technical and laboratory teams we work with your technical teams to build and prove concepts. Development days can often save significant time in the development cycle prior to testing, allowing the proving or iteration of a design without the full cost and time sometimes associated with testing.

Winkhaus Laboratories
Our UKAS accredited test facility provides full product assessment/accreditation in addition to the consultation support they can provide through your development cycle.

Manufacture and launch support
Once the final design is approved we lay down tooling based on your future demand. As we progress to launch, our marketing team can even help you with your launch plans. From supporting your own launch, product images or wider support such as marketing collateral and joint press coverage.

Winkhaus Partner Portal

A revolutionary digital platform: The Winkhaus Partner Portal allows customers to access a wide range of services at the click of a button from order management and browsing the product catalogue to using tools such as media downloads and product configurators. Currently completing user testing, our portal will be going live over the coming months. Watch this space for more information.

Get in touch!

If you’re a Winkhaus customer and would like to discuss a development challenge or your next innovation, please speak with your Winkhaus Project Manager or Architectural Project Manager directly or contact us:

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