Door locking system

Security with a concept

At Winkhaus, our innovative door locking systems are something we pride ourselves on. With our door locking systems, we aim to meet the requirements of the market and user by combining security, technology and user-friendly convenience. Our effective mechanical, automatic and motorised locking systems offer dependable protection and make countless doors even more secure.

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A journey of innovation


Developing and producing high quality security locking systems

Mechanical door locking systems

Winkhaus mechanical door locking systems with multiple locking points offer functionality, long-term reliability and stand for effective and secure locking technology. Our mechanical door locks range from automatic, lever and key operated locking systems which are suitable for single and double door solutions.

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autoLock AV4

A new range of automatic multi-point locking systems with a new hook design which automatically throw when the door is closed.

autoLock AV4 Heritage

An autoLock AV4 with a cylinder at eye level position to facilitate the use of modern long bar handles and the traditional decorative pull handle.

autoLock AV2

A locking system with a hook at the top and bottom position that automatically throw when the door is closed to provide immediate protection.

autoLock AV2 Heritage

An autoLock AV2 with a cylinder at eye level position to facilitate the use of modern long bar handles and the traditional decorative pull handle.

autoLock AV3

A modern multi-point locking system that automatically locks when the door is closed with additional features such as a day/night latch.

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autoLock AV3 Heritage Plus

An autoLock AV3 with a cylinder at eye level position to facilitate the use of modern long bar handles and the traditional decorative pull handle.

Winkhaus solidLock D


A lever or key turn activated locking system with solid twin deadbolts in the upper and lower position offering high security and greater door installation tolerances.

Winkhaus solidLock D

Thunderbolt Heritage

Similar to the Thunderbolt locking system, the Thunderbolt Heritage is a key turn activated locking system with a cylinder housed at the eye level position.


A lever or key turn activated hook lock system for all door types and materials.


A non-handed lever or key turn activated hook lock system designed and developed for all door types and materials.


A purpose designed door locking system with an integral guard bar offering homeowners a more secure option than the traditional door chain.


A slave door locking system that is operated by a flush, integrated two-way lever which throws two heavy duty shootbolts in the head and cill positions.


A double door locking system for composite, timber and aluminium doors.


A lever operated locking system designed for double doors with a dummy mullion.


A secure and modern locking system for alumnium double doors that has the appearance of a traditional double handle.


An adjustable door locking system especially designed for the repair market.

Stable Door Lock

A purpose made door locking system for composite and timber doors with two completely separate locks.

Motorised door locking systems

With multiple locking points, Winkhaus motorised door locking systems offer the highest measure of convenience and security for doors. Our electronic automatic locking system, blueMatic, holds a powerful motor within the lock that can be opened at the push of a button via a remote control.

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blueMatic EAV4 and EAV4+

autoLock AV4 can be upgraded to a motorised door locking system using a blueMatic EAV4 motor or blueMatic EAV4+ motor.


The motorised version of our popular autoLock AV2 can be opened by a motor using a key or access control system.


blueMatic AV3-E is an automatic multi-point locking system with an integrated motorised opening function.

AV3-E Heritage Plus

With a similar heritage cylinder position as the autoLock AV3 Heritage Plus, our blueMatic AV3-E Hertiage Plus system provides motorised unlocking.


panicLock by Winkhaus is a modern anti-panic locking system designed for doors on escape routes in case of emergency situations.

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Cylinders & Accessories

The Winkhaus range of accessories includes cylinders and handles that can provide door locking systems with the perfect finished look and functionality that is required.

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XR6 Cylinder Range

Designed and engineered to work in perfect harmony with all Winkhaus door locking solutions.


A hardware security device located in the fabric of the door that has been designed to withstand extreme attacks.

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Palladio Handle

A stylish, durable and functional handle set that has been finely designed and crafted using cast aluminium.


A security device that works with any Winkhaus door locking system and ArmorShield™ for additional protection.