Variety in the modular system

With fewer components, greater flexibility and a range of additional functions, activPilot ensures that the most diverse requirements of modern windows are met. Including a number of variants within the activPilot range, it is suitable for almost any window shape or material including timber, aluminium or PVCu.


Product Information

High quality
The activPilot range undergoes a range of tests to ensure their long service life and high quality. The highly resilient surfaces ensure that aesthetic and functionality are permanently retained.

Quick installation
Our activPilot range is quicker to install thanks to the fitting system having fewer components.

Flexible retrofitting
Thanks to the innovative modular system, activPilot is easy to expand with additional functions meaning the system can be easily adapted if your requirements change in the future.

Easy adjustment
A range of adjustment options are available to ensure your window will always function smoothly whilst still offering high levels of security.

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Further benefits


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High flexibility thanks to an intelligently structured modular system

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Optional smart window monitoring

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Easy adjustment

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Flexible retrofitting

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Exceptionally durable (tested up to 20,000 switching cycles)

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