The efficient fitting system for aluminium windows

User-friendly technology

Aluminium windows in trendy large formats and in a contemporary look are convenient to operate thanks to the aluPilot fitting system. The fittings are suitable for a wide range of window formats, including multi-sash windows. They are easy to install and versatile to use in profiles with aluminium Euro grooves. High burglary resistance to PAS24 and up to RC3 for European specifications is also one of the technology’s advantages.

Winkhaus aluPilot Conept

aluPilot Concept

Universal, reliable, efficient: the surface-mounted hinge side in visually appealing design. Available in different colours. Suitable for sashes weighing up to 130 kg.

Winkhaus aluPilot Topstar

aluPilot Topstar

For a clear, aesthetic window design. With a completely concealed hinge side, which is invisible when the window is closed, this system can handle sashes weighing up to 180 kg.

Winkhaus aluPilot Giant

aluPilot Giant

Even the largest windows will be visually appealing with our surface mounted heavy duty hinge designed for sashes weighing up to 300kg.

Winkhaus Fensterbau 2018

Window production with a vision

Reducing costs through efficient installation

Thanks to Winkhaus’ innovative aluPilot fitting system, you can now save up to 10 minutes while manufacturing an aluminium window, thus significantly reducing production costs. This makes it possible to insert components into the fitting groove of the sash frame from the front, for example. This eliminates the need for upstream work processes, such as punching and cutting connecting rods to length. No matter whether it’s used as a concealed fitting or a fitting with a surface-mounted hinge side, the aluPilot system saves time and reduces costs thanks to efficient handling.

Click. Click. Done.

aluPilot Topstar installation

aluPilot is the flexible and efficient fitting system for aluminium windows designed for sashes weighing up to 300kg, compliance with PAS24 and up to RC3 for European specifications.

aluPilot Cushioned turn limiter

The aluPilot cushioned turn limiter brakes the sash in the turn position, protecting the window from gusts and reducing the risk of windows slamming open or shut. Designed for use with aluminium windows with eurogroove profiles, there is no need to open the fitting groove as components can be inserted from the front.

aluPilot Ventilation shear for turn windows

The optional aluPilot ventilation shear for turn windows provides adjustable ventilation up to 90 degrees from the closed position.

aluPilot locking force optimiser for aluminium euro groove fittings

The aluPilot locking force optimiser is designed to reduce tilt and turn locking forces and can be used in aluminium windows with euro groove profiles. Designed for aluminium windows with either high sash weights or high sashes with a low handle position.

More handling advantages

Fewer work steps

Sash components are connected to one another by drive rods which are available in seven fixed lengths. This eliminates preliminary work steps such as punching and cutting connecting rods to length.

Clever tool concept

Assembly and adjustment of components requires only two tools: screwdriver and an assembly lever. Costly punching tools are not required.

Innovative mounting

All fitting components are installed in the fitting groove of the sash frame or frame from the front. This eliminates the need to punch out the sash groove.

Fewer components

Pre-assembled elements reduce the number of components in a set of fittings by up to 25%. This reduces the amount of handling effort during installation.

Easy to upgrade

For European specifications, fittings can be brought in line to qualify for resistance class RC2 in just a few extra steps. The system is merely supplemented with an additional component for RC3-compliant windows.

Quick to install

The effort needed to manufacture a standard window is reduced by up to 10 minutes. In this way the production costs of the entire window are lowered.

At your side from design to implementation

We know that windows and façades have to deliver in terms of function. That’s why we support your ideas and develop bespoke solutions for your project if you need them. Talk to us if you need special building solutions. We are by your side as a strong partner from the design, right through to implementation.

Winkhaus Außendienst

Intelligent packaging

In addition to the advantages for assembly on site, aluPilot offers an innovative packaging concept for simplified warehousing. Basic cartons with size-independent components or as large package units for industrial window builders. As a result, the work involved with handling the individual fitting parts is reduced, components are protected during transport and there is less waste left over.

Windows, an idea further

Special solutions for buildings

Our flexible and comprehensive system provides partner customers a great deal of freedom for future building design.

Puristic elegance

Aluminium windows are often the first choice when the façade calls for aesthetics and size. Winkhaus offers the aluPilot Topstar fitting system for elements with slimline frames, which also meet the highest standards in terms of interior design. It can be used to fit windows that are flush-mounted on the inside without visible fittings – even with large and heavy sashes weighing up to 180kg. Available as a turn, turn-tilt or tilt before turn fitting system, Winkhaus aluPilot is suitable for a wide variety of windows with an aluminium euro grooove. Visually appealing hardware – black blends almost imperceptibly into the profile. The versatility also makes it possible to fulfil individual requirements for convenience and functionality.

Greater convenience and functional security

The locking force optimiser (SKU) for the aluPilot Topstar system reduces the amount of force needed to return the window sash from the tilted position to the closed position. This solution is especially well suited to buildings with heightened accessibility requirements. The innovative module is equally well suited for heavy window elements with large formats and inconvenient handle heights.

Convenient and intensive ventilation

The turn limiter effectively protects the window from unwanted damage when the sash is opened fully. The aluPilot rod turn limiter can also be expanded by adding an end position detent, which makes it even more convenient to air out the room: The upgrade increases the holding force for the sash in the 90 degree turn position, thus making it harder for the window to slam shut. The turn limiter can be equipped with a friction slider to brake the sash when opening and closing. This also reduces damage caused by the sash accidentally opening or closing and supports the end position detent for large sash formats.

We have design in hand

Our plug-in handle series

Aesthetic design of the highest quality, introducing the new aluPilot window handles by Winkhaus. Their reserved appearance and small round rosette makes them a design classic, suitable for every taste and any aluminium window with Euro groove.

Flexible thanks to different versions

Our plug-in handle is available in three versions and in four surface finishes:
• Standard for turn and tilt windows
• Lockable for burglary-resistant windows
• With lock for tilt before turn windows and four surface finishes.
We also have other handle solutions in our product range in addition to the new plug-in handle.

Fitting versions at a glance

aluPilot Topstar aluPilot Concept aluPilot Giant
Concealed fitting Icons Häckchen hellblau Check
Surface-mounted fitting Icons Häckchen hellblau Check
Sash weight for turn and tilt windows Up to 180 kg Up to 130 kg Up to 200 kg
Sash weight for turn windows Up to 180 kg Up to 130 kg Up to 300 kg
Sash height for turn and tilt windows 520 - 2835 mm 520 - 2835 mm 1100 - 2835 mm
Sash width for turn and tilt windows 465 - 1635 mm 465 - 1635 mm 800 - 1635 mm
Endurance tested according to EN 13126-8 and EN 1191 Yes Yes Yes
Burglary resistance EN 1627-1630 – class RC2 / RC3 & PAS 24** Yes Yes Yes*
Suitable for turn and tilt, tilt before turn, turn-tilt and double-sash windows Yes Yes Yes

aluPilot Control

aluPilot Control
Combined opening and locking surveillance VdS-class C Yes
Combined opening and locking surveillance VdS-class B Yes
Opening and locking surveillance VdS-class B Yes

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*) Bis RC2

**) The security classes shown were achieved in cooperation between Winkhaus and various system houses. The feasibility of the classes is determined individually for each system house on the basis of the technical framework conditions.