Proximity to the customer since 1854

In 1854, August Winkhaus founded a hardware store in Halver, Sauerland as a commission business, thus laying the foundation for today’s international Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG. Much of the creativity and courage with which he guided the company to success can still be seen in the company today. In the meantime, the locations and partner companies of the Winkhaus Group are expanding across Europe. Our distribution channels extend to Asia and the Americas.

Company development

"Relocation to the modern plant in Hessenweg: After about 18 months of construction, the new location is ready to move in to.
Having become too small, the company's aging headquarters on Bohlweg in the middle of Münster is being closed.
The factory opens to great fanfare in 2015."

Newly constructed Münster plant in the Hessenweg industrial park. A modern company complex with roughly 15,000 m2 of gross floor area is being built for the access management division on a premises spanning 30,000 m. It is replacing the previous plant in downtown Münster, which could no longer be expanded.

WInkhaus Münster
Werk Meiningen Winkhaus

Meiningen plant expansion: Two new production halls are added to the Meiningen plant: With two new production halls, Winkhaus is expanding the production spectrum in Meiningen with window technology and galvanics.

Ascension of Tilmann Winkhaus: Tilmann Winkhaus, son of Hans Winkhaus, enters the company. In the process, the fifth generation represents the family company in business.

Rydzyna plant expansion: Winkhaus at the Rydzyna location doubles the production area of the Polish plant to 4000m².

150 year anniversary: Winkhaus celebrates its 150 year anniversary. The company employs 2000 employees in 20 locations worldwide.

The bicycle technology division with the brand name Trelock was separated from the group in a management buyout.

Ascension of Sofie Winkhaus: With Sofie Winkhaus, daughter of Wolfgang Winkhaus, the fifth generation represents the family company in business.

Meiningen plant construction: Winkhaus builds a new plant in Meiningen, Thuringia, for the production of security door locking systems.

Winkhaus Polska: Winkhaus establishes a new company in Poland with production facilities for window fittings. In 1997, due to solid growth, a new administrative and production building is constructed in Rydzyna.

New logo: Winkhaus changes the appearance of the logo and introduces the new slogan "Security in doors and windows" to the market.

Grundsteinlegung Winkhaus Polska
Besuch Konrad Adenauer Werk Winkhaus in Telgte

Supplying technology Winkhaus presents for the first time at the IHA trade fair in Hanover for supplying technology, later renamed Automation.

First international location: Winkhaus begins to establish itself internationally and sets up its first foreign subsidiary in Salzburg, Austria.

Visit by Konrad Adenauer: The first Federal Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, who was in office until 1963, visited the Telgte plant while travelling through Münsterland.

Ascension of Hans Winkhaus: Hans Winkhaus, son of Erich Winkhaus, joins the company. Winkhaus now employs more than 1000 employees.

Ascension of Wolfgang Winkhaus: Wolfgang Winkhaus, son of August Winkhaus, joins the company. One year later, August Winkhaus dies at the age of 60. The road at the Telgte plant is renamed "August-Winkhaus-Straße" in his honour.

1939 - 1945
World War II: World War II interrupts the positive development of the company. After the war Telgte becomes the company headquarters. The assortment is expanded with bicycle bells and locks, which are later sold under the name Trelock. Within one year Winkhaus employs 250 employees again.

Construction of the Telgte plant: Production in Münster is at full capacity. Winkhaus commissions a factory in Telgte left empty and begins the production of armoured locks.

Winkhaus Lehrling Telgte 1932
Altes Werk Münster Winkhaus

Ascension of Erich Winkhaus: Erich Winkhaus, the youngest son of Rudolf Winkhaus joints the company after completion of his engineering studies. Modernisation is promoted through investment in new machinery and leads to a continuous expansion of production.

1914 – 1918
World War I: World War I interrupts the development of the company. After the war Rudolf Winkhaus and his son August resume production. The domestic business undergoes a major surge due to the high demand for construction fittings.

Ascension of August Winkhaus: August Winkhaus, the oldest son of Rudolf Winkhaus, joins the company. Winkhaus employs 200 employees. With an export share of more than 70%, the company supplies China, India and countries in Africa.

50 year anniversary Winkhaus celebrates its 50 year anniversary The company employs 80 employees and continues to grow thanks to modern machinery and efficient production.

Relocation to Münster: Rudolf Winkhaus establishes small operations on Bohlweg in Münster. He begins the production of small iron parts and padlocks there.

Ascension of Rudolf Winkhaus: The 19-year-old Rudolf Winkhaus joins the company. His father, August Winkhaus, died four years earlier at the age of 38. His wife, Marie Pauline, continued operation of the company while her son completed his studies.

Founding of the company: August Winkhaus opens a commission business for iron goods in Halver, where he primarily sells padlocks.

August Winkhaus