Winkhaus Laboratories: UKAS Accredited Test Facilities

All windows and doors must be tested to the specified standards by a UKAS approved test house. Winkhaus Laboratories are a UKAS accredited test facility established to support our partners innovation and accreditation of products.

Established for over 25 years, Winkhaus Laboratories offer a full range of services including: full product assessment/accreditation, part assessment and partner development assessment (including consultation).

The Laboratory is also a member of the British Measurement and Testing Association, and our team have over 40 years of combined experience in testing, development and industry knowledge.

Winkhaus Laboratories have extensive facilities for carrying out security, durability and weather testing on doors and windows. Test services offered include:

PAS24: Enhanced Security Performance

BS6375 (part 1, 2 and 3): Performance of Doors and Windows

BS EN1634-3: Smoke Control Test

TS007: Enhanced Security Performance

Mechanical Loading Test
Part of PAS24, the Mechanical Loading Testing is done to test the strength of door and window products, by testing whether the product can withstand a specified sequence of loading without creating an entry.

Soft and hard body impact tests
Also part of the PAS24 standard are soft and hard body impacts. Our Laboratories are accredited to conduct the full PAS24 enhanced security performance testing to the current requirements.

Cycle testing
The cyclic operational test is part of BS6375-2 where the products is assessed against resistance to repeated opening and closing to ensure the products performance in use. The UK requirement for domestic doorsets is 50,000 cycles which approximately equates to over 10 years of use.

Technical Development Days
Winkhaus Laboratories offer development days to partners who would like to commission new products or improve their current products. During a development day, the team offer guidance and consult on the likelihood of testing, identifying any vulnerable or failure points prior to official testing.

These days can often save significant time in the development cycle prior to testing, allowing for the iteration of a design without the full cost and time sometimes associated with testing.

For further information on the services we provide or to discuss your testing requirements, please contact us directly via +44 (0)1536 316006 or email