Winkhaus Laboratories:
Supporting your transition to PAS24:2022

The new version of PAS24 was released in 2022 with a two year transition period set to update existing test data to the new standard, a period that ends in September 2024. Winkhaus laboratories were the first to be audited and granted approval to provide testing to the new standard by UKAS. In the period since, the laboratory team have been busy supporting customers transition to the new standard, but the team offer far more than just testing.

Winkhaus recently hosted the Secured by Design Development Officers, with the laboratory team sharing all the changes made in the latest iteration of the standard and why these changes have been made.

Alfie Hosker Secured by Design Technical Manager “It was great to see first-hand Winkhaus’ UKAS accredited PAS24:2022 test laboratory, which is possibly one of the first to achieve this in the UK. The transition period to meet the requirements of the new standard completes by the end of September 2024 and it was very encouraging to hear how many customers of Winkhaus have already completed or are in the process of transitioning to the revised standard.

We (SBD),  have been and are currently sending out reminder correspondence (Since the beginning of October 2022) to our Door and Window members, every three months to communicate this requirement to them, and that this is the latest date they must transition across by, for their products to remain listed on SBD webpage and continue to meet the Police Preferred Specification. I am grateful to Ade and Ross at Winkhaus Laboratories, for their time to demonstrate and explain the changes to our team of development officers.”

Ade Collins, Winkhaus UK Laboratory Manager, comments, “When a standard changes it’s not just about test everything again from scratch as you would for a new development, customers already have a bank of evidence for their existing product ranges which can be used to support the transition. Reviewing the existing data and identifying the gaps allows us to create bespoke testing programs to build the evidence required for accreditation, saving both time and money for the customer.”

Consultation with customers is one of the added value services the Winkhaus Laboratory team provides to aid in guaranteeing our customers success. With over 40 years combined experience in testing, development, industry and product knowledge, the team are perfectly placed to advise customers on their testing programs. One of these added services are the technical development days.

Ade Collins said, “Testing traditionally provides one outcome for customers a pass or fail result, which if negative can set back development programs especially if this leads to product re-design.”

Winkhaus Laboratories offer development days to partners who would like to commission new products, improve their current products or test to new standards. During a development day, the team offer guidance and consult on the likelihood of testing, identifying any vulnerable or failure points prior to official testing.

Ade Collins said, “These days can often save significant time in the development cycle prior to testing, allowing for the iteration of a design without the full cost and time sometimes associated with testing, and provide confidence prior to embarking on a full test program.”

All windows and doors that require accreditation must be assessed to the relevant specified standard(s) by a UKAS approved test house. Winkhaus Laboratories are a UKAS accredited test facility established to support our partners innovation and accreditation of products. The Laboratory is also a member of the British Measurement and Testing Association.

Established for over 25 years, Winkhaus Laboratories offer a full range of services including: full product assessment/accreditation, part assessment and partner development assessment, including consultation.

Winkhaus Laboratories have extensive facilities for carrying out security, durability and weather testing on doors and windows. Test services offered include:

• PAS24: Enhanced Security Performance
• BS6375 (part 1, 2 and 3): Performance of Doors and Windows
• BS EN1634-3: Smoke Control Test
• TS007: Enhanced Security Performance

For further information on the services we provide or to discuss your testing requirements, please contact us directly via +44 (0)1536 316006 or email