When you close the entrance door, the fully motorised blueMotion technology locks automatically – without you having to use a key.

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Product Information

Smart technology
Winkhaus blueMotion is a fully motorised 3-point security door locking system for convenient locking and unlocking of doors in commercial, public and residential buildings that meet high standards. A signal output for swing door openers is also integrated.

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Reliable functioning even without power
In the event of a power outage or other emergency, the doors can be opened mechanically from the inside and outside using a key, or from the inside using its handle.

Protected in event of emergency
The blueMotion motorised locking system is available in a special design which is approved in accordance with the guidelines of European standards EN 179 (as an emergency exit locking device) and EN 1125 (as an escape door locking device).


Versatile combination options
A prerequisite for DIN-compliant implementation as an anti-panic locking system is the combination with a free-to-turn cylinder with anti-blocking/FZG function. A rechargeable battery is also required to zero the system. Beyond that, Winkhaus offers a wide range of accessories and many options in connecting external access control systems thanks to its control via potential-free contact.

Useful additional functions

Day/night switching which automatically locks the door completely during the night hours is integrated as standard. Day service mode means that the hook and main deadbolt are not extended when the door is closed, so the door can be passed through continuously during the daytime (in conjunction with an electric release or roller latch). Night service mode means that the door will automatically be completely locked. This function set as the standard default setting at the factory.


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Fully motorised locking and unlocking

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Powerful motor for a tight seal

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Backset: 35 – 80 mm

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Standard feature: Integrated hinged door drive activation

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Integrated switch for day/night service modes


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