Electronic Access Control

Efficient performance

In 1998, blueChip by Winkhaus revolutionized the market for electronic access control solutions with its ability to operate with a combination of contactless readable keys and flush electronic cylinders.
Fast forward to 2011, blueSmart, the next generation of innovative access control was introduced to the market. This was then followed by blueCompact in 2015, which is an app-controlled locking system for small businesses, homes and much more.

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Our solution for companies

blueSmart is an intelligent locking system that is convenient for management of complex building structures. With a two-way functionality, blueSmart allows users to change from a mechanical locking system to an electronic one and can be adapted to fit your individual requirements.

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Our solution for private homes and small businesses

With blueCompact, Winkhaus offers a high-performance electronic locking system for up to 99 keys and up to 25 cylinders or readers, making it the perfect locking solution for your home, business or building. blueCompact is a system with smart operation and can be easily managed through an app.

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