As a market leading manufacturer of multi-point door locking systems, Winkhaus designed and developed the flexiLock for the repair market. Suitable for retrofit applications, the flexiLock is an adjustable lock that suits the locking point positions of all major brand’s locks.

Product Information

Higher tolerance levels
Based on the successful Winkhaus Thunderbolt™ locking system, the flexiLock has a substantially high tolerance for door fitting and could help reduce both fitting time and costly errors during installation.

Maximum Flexibility
flexiLock is supplied in three parts for maximum flexibility: central gearbox, upper extension and lower extension.

Reutilise existing components
In most cases, the existing handles can be re-fitted and the euro profile cylinder can be reused.

Further benefits

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Made in Germany – precision engineering

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Manufactured using high quality materials

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Available in a wide range of variants

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Proven long term reliability

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Very high corrosion resistance

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All Winkhaus door locking systems are thoroughly tested to the latest standards


Winkhaus flexiLock Brochure



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