Revolutionising Door Security: Winkhaus Unveils Innovative Interlocking Stable Door Locking System

Winkhaus UK, a leader in innovative door locking solutions, proudly announces their newest addition to their catalogue of reliable and groundbreaking technology. The Interlocking Stable Door Solution is a revolution in security and design, taking inspiration from the features and performance characteristics of the popular Cobra multi point locking system.

This new innovation provides enhanced security with four locking points featuring separate deadbolts and hooks for both the upper and lower parts of the stable door. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, the system's integrated shootbolt eliminates the need for additional hardware to link the two parts of the door. This not only saves valuable time in fabrication but also enhances the overall aesthetic design of the door, providing a sleek and seamless appearance.

One of the standout features of the Winkhaus Interlocking Stable Door Locking System is its easy-to-adjust roller ball latch. During installation, this feature ensures precise setup, streamlining the process for builders and installers. Furthermore, the simplified future adjustment capability ensures a hassle-free experience throughout the entire lifespan of the door, adding convenience for the user and precision for a perfect fit. 

To accommodate diverse design preferences, the upper and lower locks are supplied with 1300mm length faceplates. This generous provision empowers architects and designers with the freedom to create a wide range of door styles, catering to various aesthetic preferences and architectural requirements.

All Winkhaus products include Nano Protect as standard, an innovative coating, applied through a rigorous electroplating process, which boosts reliability and longevity. Tested to EN 1670 corrosion protection class 5, surpassing the requirements by 66%, it offers excellent corrosion resistance. Notably, our Nano Protect coating exhibits self-regeneration, sealing light scratches from daily use with silicon dioxide particles.

Mike Rushen, Sales Director at Winkhaus UK, said: “Manufactured and designed in our state-of-the-art facility in Meiningen Germany, the Interlocking Stable Door solution has all the qualities customers expect from a Winkhaus locking solution.”

“The integrated interlocking mechanism reduces the amount of visual hardware, simplifying sourcing, preparation and fabrication for our customers. This product is a testament to the innovation, functionality and design excellence that Winkhaus represents, and it is set to transform the way stable doors are fabricated and experienced.”

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