New Starter: Alastair Wheeler, Aluminium Systems Manager

Winkhaus UK has been supplying aluminium systems houses with door and window hardware solutions for over 20 years, often working with them to develop bespoke designs for their systems. As we continue to develop our range of aluminium products and solutions, we have focused on how we can further invest in our aluminium team to help in guaranteeing our customers’ success.

Alastair Wheeler joins Winkhaus as our new Aluminium Systems Manager, bringing over 40 years of experience from across the sector. Founded by an early introduction to joinery, Alastair’s career has provided insight and experience in each part of the process for UPVC and Aluminium products from manufacture and design to communications and solutions launch.

Winkhaus UK Managing Director Justin Harris - “Alastair brings significant market knowledge and understanding to enhance our relationships across the aluminium sector, as part of our ongoing commitment to the continuous development of our solutions and support for aluminium system houses.”

With his in-depth product knowledge Alastair also brings an excellent understanding of the contributing factors in design and manufacturing, such as security and every changing legislation. In supporting aluminium system houses Alastair will understand the benefits new solutions and systems are aiming to provide, and with our technical design, support and laboratory teams, will facilitate our early involvement in new product developments with the goal to fast-track customer development programs to market.

Alastair shared “I’ve known Winkhaus, its products and solutions for many years and now as part of the team can’t wait to share the focus I’ve already seen for supporting customers and their businesses growth”.