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Certified anti-panic locking system

The Winkhaus panicLock anti-panic locking system is designed to open escape and rescue routes at any time in an emergency. It is specially certified for its fields of application and is also suitable for fire doors.

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Product Information

Protecting lives
Whether fire, earthquake or violent attack – there are situations where everyone simply has to get out of the building! As quickly and safely as possible. When panic breaks out, it is particularly important that the emergency exits and panic solutions on the doors and exits work correctly and can be operated intuitively even by people fleeing the building.


Ready to use at all times
The panicLock anti-panic locking systems as per DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125 can be opened quickly from the inside and offer protection against unauthorised access from the outside thanks to the solid hooks. They are suitable for single sash doors and double sash doors made of aluminium, wood and PVC-U.

Locked from the outside – open from the inside
Multi-point locking systems for emergency doors can be opened in the direction of escape without a key – even when locked. The door can be opened against the escape direction depending on the individually selected locking function.


Additional fire protection

Winkhaus multi-point locks with panic function for single and double sash doors are classified and labelled according to DIN EN 179/1125 and are suitable for fire doors (according to EN 1634-1).


panicLock AV3 OR 179 automatic multi-point locking system with switching function E

The mechanical anti-panic locking system with automatic security via two self-triggering hooks and latch in the version panicLock M 179 (according to DIN EN 179) with switching function E (continuous follower) fulfils all requirements for quick door opening, yet provides protection from unauthorised access thanks to the solid hooks. Suitable for single sash doors and / or double sash doors with fixed slave door made from aluminium, wood and PVC-U.

Further benefits


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Available in the Winkhaus range:
- Change-over function B
- Transit function D
- Switching function E

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Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors

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DIN direction adjustable (except panicLock AV3 OR)

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Backsets: Active 35 – 80 mm, Inactive 35 – 80 mm

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Distance 92 mm


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