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When it comes to fire protection, the primary concern is safety. After all, human lives can be at risk in the event of a fire. But at the same time, goods should be protected and the fire checked as well. Doors are common points at which fires can spread to other parts of buildings. This is why when doors serve as a central point of access or means of separating a room, you have to make sure that they remain closed firmly and reliably should the worst happen. The Winkhaus pyroLock multi-point locking system plays a very important role in such cases.

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Product Information

Multi-point locking system for fire protection
Winkhaus has general building inspection approval for single-sash and double-sash fire and smoke protection doors, certified by DIBt,. Z-6.100–2576. Suitability for fire protection doors is thus proven. In individual cases, application with the point of certification of the construction element must be determined. Multi-point locking systems from Winkhaus with panic function are also suitable for single and double sash fire protection doors and are classified and labelled according to EN 179/1125.


Protecting lives
When using keeps, the primary concern is safety, as people's lives at risk in the event of a fire. But at the same time, goods should be protected and the fire checked as well. Winkhaus pyroLock dependably performs its task in this regard.

panicLock –

also suitable for use in fire doors

Winkhaus security door locking systems with anti-panic function according to DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125 are also suitable for fire- and smoke-protection doors as standard.

Areas of application:
- FS – Fire protection doors
- RS – Smoke protection doors

- pyroLock B
- panicLock M and BM (according to DIN EN 179/1125)
- panicLock AV3OR 179 (according to DIN EN 179)
- further details/concrete designs on request



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