solidLock D

Double-bolt technology

The security door locking system combines security with ease of installation. Regardless of whether they are made of PVC-U, wood or aluminium, doors will all close optimally tight with the bevelled double bolt shape.

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Product Information

Solid and tight
The easy-to-install Winkhaus solidLock D locking system can be fully installed and adjusted by the window builder so that it is ready for use. It is also well suited for trouble-free installation or retrofitting on site. High tolerance compensation in case of a large airgap and dimensional variation upwards and downwards simplify installation, as does the use of standard hook keeps.

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The double bolt
The two double bolts are bevelled on both sides. This means that when the double bolt is inserted, the door is drawn into the frame. The locking system also draws on the extensive range of standard keeps.

Optimal processing
The milling positions correspond to the Winkhaus hookLock locking systems and ensure optimum processing and flexibility.


Further benefits

solidLock D

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The milling positions correspond to those of the Winkhaus hookLock locking systems, which is why you can flexibly choose between the locking types

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Solid double bolts for each auxiliary locking point

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Tight weatherseal

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Use with hookLock M keeps

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Milling dimensions compatible with hookLock M


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