Access Control

Locking technology of the future

Our modern smart technologies and services are made to make life easier. They can control who is allowed to enter the building and at what time providing high levels of security. Winkhaus was and is the market leader for these solutions and offer both electronic and mechanical access control systems. Both our systems focus on the quality, durability and ease of use but also offer the ability to be tailored to suit your requirements.

Zutrittsorganisation weiße Tür mit Zylinder


Our systems focus on the quality, durability, ease of use and also offer the ability to be tailored to suit your requirements.

Mechanical Access Control

Winkhaus mechanical locking systems have a long tradition and have always stood for high levels of functional safety, user-friendly convenience and reliable protection. Our mechanical technologies can be used for a range of buildings from individual entrance or apartment doors to larger offices and buildings.

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Electronic Access Control

Flexibility, ease of use and functional security are all elements that have been combined to produce our intelligent blueSmart and blueCompact locking systems. Our electronic access control systems offer effective locking system management and can be incorporated into current systems via interfaces.

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We offer software packages for the management of our electronic locking systems, blueSmart and blueCompact. Our software is user friendly, easy to navigate and has many options for individual solutions.


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